The business was founded in 2009 by John Blanchflower in the depths of the banking crisis with the objective of bringing new forms of business funding to support all aspects of industry to fill the voids left by the banks and create opportunities for businesses to grow. This void has arguably grown since 2009 with many industry sectors being avoided by banks, and leaving quality businesses  having their growth stifled by lack of appropriate funding support. The detailed “granular” nature of B&YCP due diligence evaluates customers on their own basis and not as a generic sector and thus facilitates the opportunities there.

Delivery of these outcomes has been achieved with “new money” funds covering specific market sector, project and geographies (B&YCP has concluded transactions across Europe, USA, and Middle East as well as the UK), and led by Industrial Finance & Leasing Ltd Fund ( see tab ),  of which B&YCP was a founder and to which it acts as advisor.

The partners of B&YCP have on average 30 years experience in delivering funding solutions to industry and commerce across all aspects of leasing, debt, ABL and corporate finance.

Asset classes funded over the last 9 years range from wind turbines and industrial AD plants through various types of automated material recycling, offshore support equipment like carousels, survey vessels and  WROVs, to social housing schemes and heavy industrial production lines.  B&YCP works closely with clients to deliver the best possible funding solutions.